Ashrams have been the seat of higher spiritual learning for ages and they have sustained this culture over centuries of war and strife in the Indian sub continent. The environment of most Ashrams is clean and green and the residents follow a simple life style.

In today's scenario where urbanisation is affecting the quality of life and the environment, it is time revisit our time tested culture and understand how this learning can pull back the whole world from the brink of the looming crisis to sustain the growing humanity beyond this century.

Our effort here is to create a database of Ashrams in India for easy access to their activities, events and facilities available. You can also suggest names of Ashrams for inclusion in the database if not already listed here.

Many ashrams are fairly modern with internet connected computers for communications and have their own web sites promoted through search engines. Besides listing the modern ashrams, our database also includes information about Ashrams which do not have their web sites.

We also plan to undertake projects for providing web and communication technologies to Ashrams which would like to dissemeninate spiritual knowledge through the internet medium to enlighten people who cannot visit the Ashram personally but would still like to enrich their lives.